After 40 years of development, the society has become a national first-level society with high level, wide coverage and active international cooperation. The National Congress is the highest authority of the society. The Council is the executive body of the National Congress, which leads the society to carry out daily work during the period when the National Congress is not in session, and is responsible to the National Congress. The standing council is elected by the council. According to the "General Rules for the Organization of the National Society of China Association for Science and Technology", the Society established a board of supervisors. The board of supervisors is the supervisory body of the society and is responsible to the member representative assembly. After review and approval by the National Member Congress Council or the Standing Council, according to the needs of activities, the division of business scope and the characteristics of membership composition, the society has established branches, namely professional committees and working committees. At present, the society has established 22 professional committees and 8 working committees.